In my opinion, Meghan wanted a large flashy tiara that screams opulence. The Queen wasn’t about to lend one of her larger pieces. Meghan isn’t her daughter or granddaughter. It was only a favor to Harry to lend her a tiara at all. In-laws are not blood. The wedding tiaras tend to be demure anyway. No one wears BIG crown type tiaras at their wedding. Camilla had a larger halo style, but she was marrying the POW and will be Queen regent. Kate, Eugenie, Autumn, Zara all wore minimal styles.
Only one Queen and she isn’t it.  You’re right, you are supposed to be dainty and innocent but Harry got used shoes from the Salvation Army so  Smegs can wear the Tiara nobody wanted , like her. Joking !
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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