So Markle’s pr is pumping the friendship with Eddie Redmayne all over. He has a film coming out now, so of course, he wants promo. And he is associated with Soho House through Marcus Anderson. So Meghan is paying her sh debts it seems. She gives Eddie promo. She gave the sh interior decorator some promo last week.



That would be okay in Hollywood, but not for a Royal , Meghan Markle is undignified, she doesn’t deserve the role given to her by the Queen.

This promo is more Markus Anderson and Soho House; they will get their payback whether MM gives them blessings or not. Soho will continue to do this over and over. Notice the palace hasn’t asked them to cease? They may have signed a contract as anon told.

For a long time, the blinds have said Eddie is gay, and his wife Hannah is a good beard. MA is a person who listens to secrets, drinking at the bar, loose lips, you think you have a friend when in fact you have vulture waiting to abuse you, speculating of course.

As everyone knows I’ve managed restaurant bars and the bartender is your very own shrink pouring out the medicine. They, in turn, listen to your darkest secrets.

Who else spilled to MA? Who else was on the dating list? My bet is MA, the middleman for the big time yachting excursions.

MA and Soho have a hold on the Royal family; this is a place for writers, creative people, they could easily coerce any of its members in financial trouble with them to do anything they want. MA knows people for introduction; he is the Rip Van Winkle.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎



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