The poll

When the poll was mentioned a month ago, I was yelling and reporting that MM was up 19% not 19%, so all of you ignore me when I  repeatedly post to go and vote. This is the same poll that tumblr girls have been using for over a year now.

You guys loved it when you thought it was 19%; well guess what it’s not 19%, it’s 55%.  I’ve asked for links to other polls, and I got nothing but you can’t use that blah blah blah. It was okay when you read it wrong.

Someone has been blowing smoke up your skirt, the repeated talking about MM has made brand awareness.

You guys didn’t want to believe me, turn your backs on me because I was telling you the truth! I know it was something you didn’t want to hear and then fewer anons would come your way.  Was any of this worth anons, NO!  Friendship is worth gold.

Stop believing the break up around the corner; it’s not.  Get comfy and don’t look MM click bait  for another moment. You are helping her not hurting her. Indifference is her enemy; no attention is crushing to that clown.

I will keep taking anons about her, I’m a wealth of knowledge; I do have other stuff to blog about.

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