The Queen gives you what she wants, not the other way around that I believe with all my heart and one should be grateful you get anything at all. The Tiara stories tell us how exhausting it is to be around Meghan Markle.   It’s an honor, not a privilege. To have a future HRH act in an undignified way to the most respected lady on the planet, a real feminist, it rattles my bones! Don’t forget Markle HM is head of state!

Meghan Markle touts a Hollywood Diva attitude, and she is acting all the time.  Piers Morgan spotted it; I noticed the acting from watching so many of my employees practicing while they worked over the years. MM has a permanent smile  24/7, Crikey! I thought she was a bloody robot; I was waiting for Harry to wave his hand in front of her botoxic face several times to see if she was capable of blinking.

Markle’s mistreatment to Kensington Palaces staff and other reports she was less than kind to subordinates on the set of Suits. You can’t ignore this; you can’t cover up, you can’t make people be the humanitarian, it should come naturally. This human doesn’t have what it takes to be a royal of the realm.

written by JD 🌸🌸😎


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