so now the story is the aide was going to sue and so the family paid her off and complimented her in the articles. MM must have been hell on wheels during that tour. Harry you stupid boy you were warned. Now you are disgraced with your soho house escort wife. Dan Wotten from The Sun who broke the story says Harry’s behavior was shocking as well. So that Aussie who said she was reducing people to tears was right.
They don’t have much to say now right? They made the queen look bad, these people do not represent her acting like they are owed the world. Harry is owed nothing but a slap across the back of his head and Meghan is owed a ticket out of the UK with an ironclad restraining order. You don’t disrespect the queen. Ever. And harry should know better. he should have known their asshole behavior would get back to his grandmother. Idiot.