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If you are an actor stay away from places like Soho. Real talent will find its way.

Don’t ever tell anyone your secrets. They’ll be used against you.

Always keep an eye on your drinks, the bartender doesn’t have time to watch. Plus you don’t know who the bartender is.

Don’t sell yourself into the world of yachting; not everyone walks away with lots of money and their dignity intact. These can be cruel men that want to humiliate you for their pleasure. Nothing is worth that, it stays with you forever!

You’re loved, you don’t have to put up with shit like this, ever.

Not everyone is going to look like Richard Geer or be a Prince Harry, think Uncle Harvey!

A sweaty fat old guy is what you’ll get

If you suggest on how to stay safe as an actor let us know, knowledge is the best defense against predators.

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