Meghan’s Jewelry Anon

I think the article about Meghan choosing not to wear jewelry from the Queen is really interesting.

1. It came out right after we found out there was drama over an Emerald tiara. So, she clearly cares a lot about wearing the Queen’s jewelry.

2. The Queen gave her earrings nearly identical to the pair she was supposed to be merching on their engagement together leading to Meghan’s Mirror and Birks outing her. Which was very well played.

3. It boils down to Meghan not wanting to represent the BRF because she doesn’t like the way it looks. The jewelry isn’t just fancy and fun. It’s also worn for diplomatic reasons. Kate wore the fern and the maple leaf broaches and such because she was representing the crown. She doesn’t really like broaches, but she understands that it’s not about her. The article makes her out to be incredibly shallow which is the exact opposite of what she was going for.

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I found it very interesting as well!

  1. Looks are VERY IMPORTANT to Meg’s. She wants to portray that she is “in” with the family. Her PR campaign to sell the story that MM & HM are BFF’s has just crashed and burned. HM would have wanted a person she trusts to wear pieces of her collection while on tour. This proves that HM did not want MM representing her on this tour. 
  2. Exactly! NEARLY identical. I remember reading that the earrings were actually the Queen’s and she “gifted” them to MM but while on tour the Queen was seen wearing said earrings and it was reported that MM had been given a “similar” pair. I smell BS. The Queen is brilliant. She has worked with some of the most intelligent people who have ever live the past 100 years, so she absolutely knows how to play the game better than anyone.
  3. Oh, I think it is fancy enough for her, but it would be rather obvious to wear pieces on loan from the Queen and it all show up as replicas on Meghan’s Mirror. She still has to merch and replicating royal jewels while on tour would be more than obvious. The butterfly earrings and the bracelet of Diana’s were bad enough when she had them copied. Kate may not like the brooches, but she knows her duty while on tour. Her duty is to the Queen and the monarchy which her husband will rule one day. She was granted a special honor when given the New Zealand Fern Brooch to wear because she was the first person to wear it other than the Queen. I write a piece on this while MM was on tour, you can find it in the archives.

The article makes MM out to be shallow because she is. We know she believes she is smarter than all of us but us that see through her know who she truly is. She is greedy, so all her jewelry is about the flash and bling. She doesn’t care about history or the monarchy. She needs expensive pieces for merching, so she can get her cut. Her portrayal of being a humanitarian and kind and caring has flown out the window. People are starting to see her for who she really is and there is nothing she can do about it. 

Thank you Anon!

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Meghan’s Jewelry Anon


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