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A recent article was published in the Mirror implying that the Queen wore the Richmond Brooch in order to quell the “rumors” of MM’s tiara tantrum behavior and the Queen’s response.

Now we know this isn’t true. Two reporters confirmed the story of the Tiara Tantrum. The palace gave permission for the story to be published so this wasn’t fake news. Now we have the MM PR clean up crew trying desperately to do damage control but it is too late. What we have known for over two years, that MM is pushy, spiteful, egotistical, malicious, and demanding has now been made public and there is nothing she can do other than ridiculous PR articles. However, we see through her machinations and unfortunately for her this is most likely only the beginning of her downfall.

The Queen does seem to send messages buy her clothing and accessories. It is known that she shifts her handbag to convey certain messages to her staff to continue or end a meeting. Her hats are also known to show her support and/or feelings. This subliminal messaging encompasses her brooches too…she wasn’t wearing the Richmond Brooch as a way to show support for MM, she was wearing the brooch as message to the public that she wasn’t happy at the wedding and she isn’t happy now.

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The Richmond Brooch

When Queen Mary died in 1953, Queen Elizabeth inherited the Richmond Brooch from her grandmother. In the past 65 years, Queen Elizabeth hasn’t worn the brooch often. The first sighting in decades was in 2000 to the State Visit to Italy for a Papal Audience. She wore the brooch 2009 for the India State Visit.

Since 2000, Her Majesty has worn the brooch three times to the Festival of Remembrance, 2007, 2014, and 2018.

On June 10, 2016 she wore the brooch to her 90th Birthday Service. At the time there was extensive news coverage regarding her 90th Birthday. She had surpassed Queen Victoria’s reign in September 2015. Many people saw this as an accomplishment, but Queen Elizabeth commented that she didn’t see it as something to celebrate because it was essentially celebrating Queen Victoria’s death and the end of her 64-year reign. By June, Queen Elizabeth was irritated with the celebrating and not enthusiastic about the day itself. She wore the brooch next to Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s wedding May 19, 2018.

Tonight, we saw the brooch again. In two years, this piece of jewelry has made an appearance three times, twice in one year alone. She has worn it before to the Festival of Remembrance but for her to wear it again in such a short amount of time from her previous wear.

So, has it become a brooch that she associates with death and loss, or sadness, perhaps it represents the accumulation of all of them?

She wore it for her Italy Papal Audience. England was once Catholic; however, Henry VIII renounced the Catholic religion and created the Church of England. She again wore the brooch in 2009 for the India State Visit, a country which England once ruled over. 

The Festival of Remembrance is a very somber occasion. Gathered together, people honor those who fought in wars for their countries where many perished.

The May 2018 Royal Wedding is said to have not been a happy occasion for many in the Royal Family. Now with the recent articles regarding MM and her behavior, it makes one think that HM is sending a message. The brooch she has worn to events that can be seen as the ending of a rule, reign, loss of life, etc., is one she wore to her own grandson’s wedding.

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The Richmond Brooch


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  1. Tempest in a tea pot
    The same tactics were employed against Diana. Sarah Ferguson, and even Kate. None of which worked. When and not IF Charles III reigns and The Cambridges become The Prince and Princess Of Wale(?)
    PH/ MM will be old news and quits out of the spotlight

      1. This PR that’s happening now is compliments of MM; she started this back in 2016. Sunshine Sachs, Artur Chantel PR, Out of NYC. To become a household name, how’s she doing?

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