What’s the deal about Polls? We loved it when it was up, read the blog, please!

I never look at polls because they can be unreliable. Do really think the Crown cares what the public thinks via polling when they know her first hand? MM PR team spends a lot of time countering the negative truth about her. She pays the likes of Hello to kiss her a** the Palace knows this. Impressions good and bad come from tabloids you are never going to stop that. But people can keep posting however how dislike her and feel about her through a free press, which outweighs the positive

Lastly. Diana was and still is considered the people’s princess and is the most popular royal to date. She courted the media same as MM. Her popularity did not matter, she made mistakes the same MM is doing right now by attacking the Crown. Diana got stripped of her title, and the queen ordered a divorce.

Public popularity doesn’t matter ( MM is not popular) it’s doesn’t save you from getting the boot. What matters is the Monarchy survives at all cost including H and his missteps. H will choose the Crown. MM makes mistakes every day she’s that arrogant. She’s attacked the future King and his family. That’s all the palace sees. They don’t count clickbait.


That’s right! Many made a big deal over Polls when it looks in their favor, but this wasn’t this time so to hell with that and plenty of opposition over it with excuses, where those last time? It’s dumb, was I proving a point?  Yes.

I will keep pointing out her mistakes, but I can’t stand rerunning everything when you can simply read the blog! Stay current! I have done this since day 1; I was the first person to yell SHARK!!! I haven’t quit, and I’ve promised that I was sticking with this until its end or God calls me home.

One thing is I won’t be handed my hat on something I started to make way for someone else who didn’t take the time to research the material. Damn, if I’m going to let her take credit for it even though she lies through her teeth. The information was gathered in the first six months; those people need to be credited instead of bashed!  The PVC doesn’t work on me.

Yes, the Crown is concerned over polls that’s how they can combat anything negative coming down the road. Public relations must have this tool.

Everyone knows her PR pays the tabloids, who is actually paying for it? Don’t anyone dare say MM was a successful actress, she wasn’t, the broad doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.?  Markle has no income besides marching clothes; she is a never was until the gig of her life fell into her lap.

Who gives a crap about clickbait, not this blog! Posting about it only makes her numbers rise. Thanks, S for doing a damn good job!

I am pro-monarchy, I will most certainly have the backs of heirs to the throne.  Take the time to read our blog, Harry doesn’t get a free pass. I love that kid, but like any family member, a little tough love goes a long way. I’m buying coerced anymore.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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