Why MM “CHOOSES NOT” to Wear MH Jewels

An article was recently published discussing why Kate wears the Queen’s jewelry, but Meghan chooses not to borrow pieces. 


At the 2018 Tusk Conservation Awards, Kate wore the Queen’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings that were originally given to the Queen Mother. The earrings consist of thin strands of diamonds supporting gigantic pear-shaped diamonds. Kate has worn this particular pair of earning multiple times and they seem to be one of her favorites. What makes this pair even more intriguing, is that they have never been worn by the Queen, or the Queen Mother, in public. 


We often see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing many different items borrowed from her Grandmother-in-law, the Queen. Kate seems to be building quite the collection of loaned jewels from HM, which makes sense because she will one day be Queen Catherine. 


While on her Royal Tour, MM was not seen wearing any item of jewelry borrowed from the Queen. 


I personally believe it is because HM does not particularly care for Sparkles and refused to loan any items to her. I am most likely wrong but that is what I prefer to believe. The more likely scenario is that MM prefers to wear new jewelry to continue building up her merching career while on tour. 


Of course, her loyal fans say that MM prefers to keep her jewelry “simple and contemporary with a classic twist.” Which screams that not only is she not allowed to borrow from HM’s collection, but that the Royal Family fear if she does borrow items MM will have them replicated to merch. 


The claims of her jewelry preference are so bogus it’s ridiculous. If these people actually believe there is nothing “simple and contemporary with a classic twist” in the vast collection of HM’s jewels, then they are dumber than I thought. 

Once again, we see proof that MM is not on good terms with the Royal Family and that the articles of her and HM being BFF’s are pure lies. I borrow clothes and jewelry from my friends all the time. If MM and HM were as close as MM’s PR would have you believe, she would be swimming in diamonds and other precious jewels. 

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Why MM “CHOOSES NOT” to Wear MH Jewels





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