Are You Joking?

I have to say with all the leaks coming out about Meghan, one thing for sure – Meghan and Harry’s divorce will be very entertaining because this one won’t go quietly away. I hope he’s ready for tell-all books, interviews, race cards, etc. She will play the victim and Harry and the rest of the BRF will be the evil ones.

Beating up Old Lady’s and this one is the Queen of England

Attacking her sister-in-law with her rancid PR

Dehumanizing her Personal Assistant and other staff members

Treating her set mates like shite, that she got one fired

MM was yachter, okay by Hollywood standards not okay with the


Feminist Gone ✅

Humanitarian Gone  ✅

Fashionista never going to happen ✅

Politics gone ✅

Liar ✅

Social climber ✅

Gold digger ✅

Bully ✅

Ghoster ✅

Anti-family ✅

Sexist ✅

Racist ✅

What’s left? Tie a mattress to her back

Back on the dating list at Soho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Go for it! The press has even more than I do

~This blog is Pro Monarchy ~

Thank you anon, no hard feelings anon 🌸🌸😎JD


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