Meghan the Menace

Something that strikes me here as we contemplate storming the Palace. The BRF has leaked very negative info on MM.

We have had the tiara story which shows her to be arrogant, greedy, imperious with the Queen mind you.

That story also made it clear she mistreated staff and Kate, and she has had disagreements over that.

Then we had the staff leaving story which is also about MM being abusive to staff. Are these the sort of leaks Meghan the Menace can recover from? I don’t think so.

If the BRF is covering up for her etc. why do they leak such damaging stories? Stories she is unlikely to recover from and which were confirmed.

I think we should take a deep breath and wait to see how this shakes out. MM has taken a big hit. The fact she had her pr doing damage control in the US and the silly Grenfell story she released shows she knows she has taken a hit. The RF did not let that info leak for no reason.


Lessons will be learned the hard way; the Palace got through loudly and clearly. Thank God, because subtle is something not in MM dictionary. You have whack that Mole hard to get her attention. MM did this to Her Majesty, who the 🤬does she think she is!

This brings me back to her days commenting in the DM; she is telling Harry to tell your granny!  MM ~  she is the Queen of England, you don’t tell HM, she tells you, respect, Queen Elizabeth earned it.

You follow me? I’m always saying it’s not working; we could yell, call her names 24/7 as she is counting her money on the comment count. Finally, someone listens, God Bless them! Whoever it was, Thank you, what a relief.  Now, that Biatch knows they are playing hardball.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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