the anon has a point. this is typical BRF behavior in the face of family misdemeanors. Let a bit get out as a warning to the poorly behaved but cover the really bad stuff up. Us peasants are happy to see MM get a smack on the hand but the reality is that a woman who has been totally misrepresented to the public still is a Duchess. Given what we unequivocally know about her lies her past the merching the attacks against HM and Kate in the US press from her pr how she and Harry hooked up why is she a Duchess? Fake baptisms, cover ups, a contrived and dubious wedding and now endless rumors that appear to be quite true about two tantruming brats running rampant through the RF. What is it that the monarchy stands for again? Duty and service? Yeah MM serves herself with her merching and get rich schemes using the BRF. Duty? Where is Harry’s sense of duty when he was hanging out in the rumored drug den and brothel known as Soho Farmhouse and hitting on escorts? Defender of the faith? Somehow watching Harry laughing his way through his vows at the altar and the two of them appearing drugged did not make me feel like any faith was being defended nor did I think the fake baptism was much of a defense of the faith. Letting a woman of her repute walk down the aisle like she was some virgin was a mockery of things many of us hold sacred. And we thought the Queen did too. It is never a good sign when you start to ask yourself what exactly do the Windsor’s stand for? And this Markle business has a lot of us asking that question.


Oh my, I loved your anon! This is what we are thinking. The opinions are important, good, bad, ugly or just plain stupid. We know they are being read.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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