Sam Markle ~ sympathy card coming up

I know sam babbles on and blow hot and cold on MM on twitter and to the media when they want to listen to her. What exactly is the end game TM, SM, and TMjr want? The won’t ever get money, so beyond me why they won’t shut up. Also, what is this next thing sam is up to as she hinted on twitter? You say down syndrome? but from what I heard sam lies a lot and doesn’t know MM hardly, so hard to believe she would know personal stuff like fertility, etc. This is such a circus. Hope BRF keep attacking!
Right! I would love to know what that end game is. You know I think they want this considerable payout to shut up. They aren’t going to get any, Markle signed her life away for the most significant role of a lifetime to play duchess.
Allegedly, There is an agreement in place But she will leave quietly after a set amount of time. We all know that she’s never going to keep to an agreement. MM’s going to do what she wants. However, God blessed the British Royal Family for Pulling the guns out and smacked her little behind.
Get this, I was reading in the Express which is one of Markle’s outlets that said, Markle, chose to be in that box doing the boo hooing.  MM was faking again!  She got caught, it went public because she is a bloody tyrant! This how manipulative she is.
So here comes Sam again, oh joy, she could ruin a church picnic. They are all in it together, my opinion. When I chatted with Sam, she said she was in touch with MM up until she got divorced from Trevor. The entire family liked him. Markle was in constant contact with her father, at least once a week the same with Sam.
Skippy was chatting with Sam and taunting her there is no wedding her father is wasting time. I’m not 100% on this one but said they all going to jail; Skippy is radical. Next thing we know he’s driving up to LA like a maniac, I think to warn Doria with those flowers and the KFC, MC D run on a heart attack. WTF just happened?   I’m not sure if it Skippy’s fault he didn’t go to the wedding, or he was never invited in the first place??
This wedding was all done on the fly; it was a nightmare. Skippy and I were told it’s not happening, and they will not do this to him. I even said to Wink, look we are going to have to call this one.
That’s my story I’m sticking to it!
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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