Fishy & Mysterious Anon

1) that looks very much like Harry’s Audi. Wasn’t the car sold? Something fishy 2) mm is wearing the earings she got loaned by some mysterious source

Hi there!
1) I think he gets a new Audi every year or two. Don’t quote me on that though! So he most likely sold his older one and bought a new model! Hey maybe he will do something similar with his wife, trade her in for a newer, younger model!
2) Earlier I stumbled across an article regarding Garrads and one of their jewelry designers. JD posted out if so feel free to check it out! They didn’t come from HM so they were given to her by someone…
Thank you Anon!
breezycooke 🤠💨🤠💨
Fishy & Mysterious Anon


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