Christmas with Doria, play the race cards

Could it be that all this crap about Doria is MM simply trying to force HM’s hand, and have to invite her mother for Xmas with the Royals? I don’t think it would work, mind you – William and Catherine spend a day with the Middleton’s, without a fuss, so there’s no reason why MeAgain and Halfwit couldn’t spend a day away from the fold with Doria. Or spend the whole holiday with her, and leave her to her own devices for a day, while they go on a Royal visit. She would probably appreciate the break if she’s honest.



The end must near, I was tipped off that MM might be commenting in DM comments again. What I found is the PR’s are going back to old school, they did in the beginning of this farce. Have set trolls slam Kate, talk about Meghan as Queen, she is getting bold.  MM is going  for the race cards.

MM is a granny beater, bully to staff, friends, and family.  That’s the message, take that MM, I think they will slowly unload your past.  I would suggest lying low and stop the articles!

Doria Ragland is a pawn.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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