PC’s Party ~ DM Richard Kay Reporting

Richard Kay is reporting in the DM Harry, and Megsy left PC’s birthday party early before the dancing began. Shades of the garden party! Now, why would they leave early? It is his father’s one and only 70th birthday and a gala celebration. And don’t claim it is because she was “tired” she had no problems doing a 16-day tour with multiple engagements every day and never once looked tired. I have my own ideas as to why she left early, but I will let others decide for themselves.


We should talk privately and laugh; it wasn’t their kind of party. MM wasn’t the center of attention.


I rather liked this article for a change, and if you caught that Prince Philip left early followed by PH &M, PP has an excuse, what’s there’s ?


Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎



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