Sounds like an American to me

Any anons found a sugar who is Hispanic white Asian..? There aren’t any let’s be honest here Mm calls herself Caucasian The entire world can see her for who she is A bad character thief But who is ignoring that and only focusing on race ?? Those who she pays and ..?
Anyone?  Sounds like an American to me, everyone is mixed race, that’s why we are the melting pot. MM likes to morph into other people to get what she wants.  I think the bank account is running dry and living on borrowed time. Hence the final push, done the original way.
MM, you can’t use race cards sweetheart, you beat up old people, the Queen, the Gloucester’s, you’re the laughing stock now. What were you going to do throw them out on the street? Whatever happened to the cottage out by Soho Farmhouse?  Ahh, poor puppy! So jealous, oh well.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

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