Anon – More on narcissism – this is interesting!

Who do you think MM’s scapegoat and golden child are?

Having an older brother who was in a relationship with a narcissist I am familiar with the dynamics. I would say, after reading this article, that MM has designated Harry as the Golden Person and Prince Charles and Prince William both are the scapegoats. Perhaps even Kate and QEII to a certain extent.

MM “mothers” Harry. You can see it in the videos of them from events. She is always patting or rubbing his back in a manner of soothing him or guiding him. In my personal opinion, having experienced NARC tendencies first hand, I think MM has done her best to drive a wedge between Harry and his father and older brother. She probably tells Harry that everything negative in their lives is due to William and Charles. Or perhaps uses William as an example such as “if you take things more seriously like William we would be doing more events/high end engagements.” If that makes sense. She can pick up on Harry’s moods and knows which route she needs to take to get her way. Either getting him angry with his family for being “mean to her” or using his family as a way to make him feel inferior to make him do better so she can be photographed more.

I think William has been blindsided by many of the negative PR articles her team has released in regards to his relationship with his father and with Harry. Especially the articles attacking Kate. That has to be infuriating to read fake news about your wife and not be able to do anything because the perpetrator is married to your younger brother. Can you imagine his rage!?

When this all ends Meghan will continue to use William and Charles as her scapegoats, most likely claiming they forced her out of the family. That her and Harry had a wonderful love that his family was jealous of so they had to force her out to get control over Harry once more. Or something different but the BRF is definitely her scapegoat is this disaster!

I hope that makes sense and helps answer your question!

Thank you Anon!

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Anon – More on narcissism – this is interesting!

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