Bigger issues than Meghan’s PR

I doubt that William was blindsided by Meghan’s PR. Let’s not forget why he has a difficult history with his father. They play the long game and Kate is more popular than ever. What did all the nasty articles actually accomplish except giving them a clear picture of what they are dealing with? They probably just rolled their eyes and moved on to more important things. The fact of the matter is that Charles has some serious health issues. He’s either got kidney or heart failure. Just take a look at his hands. Philip isn’t doing well either and the Queen isn’t handling that well. Never mind the fact that the goverment is a complete mess with all the issues with Brexit. They all have bigger issues than Meghan’s PR.


You know what? I noticed his hands too. They’re like swollen. It could be either one, or some other underlying issues. The reality is, anyone of them can go at any point in time. So they should do what is necessary to make sure William and Kate are ready. It is a very sore subject but we all have to look at the bigger picture. They should figure out what to do with her, ship her ass out or she straightens up. Harry has a responsible role to fill too. Unfortunately he hasn’t been all that responsible. We will have to wait and see.




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