Daily Mail~ insiders claim Jordon Barrett destroyed his modeling career

Celeb Culture and High Expectations

 by JD followed the Daily Mail link

“The insider went on to allege that the modelling industry has changed over the past decade, with its focus now moving towards models that represent healthy lifestyles.”

How funny is that? We have an Instagram full of hypocrites, wonderful. I’ve said this before don’t trust celebs, as you can see they are told what to portray, they are not honest to their fans. Jordan’s a young guy, and he drinks, he smokes, he does guy things. The expectation put on these actors and models is ridiculous! Fans become shocked when they find out they are actually human beings.

One thing all people in the entertainment industry should know, don’t mess with the press! Jordan took a swipe and boom; they outed your dad as a drug dealer. They will be on top of you Jordan for all the wrong reasons.

I told my daughters about Demi Lovato, and I get she struggles, okay, don’t buy into the therapeutic advice celebs dole out. You will be disappointed. Thankfully they weren’t damaged over her overdose, but I want to remind moms with teens to have the talk with your kids about following celebs. It’s okay to buy their albums, go to their movies, and even fangirl, but don’t take them too seriously.

An Example, some rockers committed suicide, The after-effects are followed by others doing the same.  Make sure you stay on top of who they support, you are their line between life and death.  God knows you have so much to do raising your kids without having some blogger telling more stuff you might have forgotten.  We downplay these to prevent more acts from being copycatted.

These young rich kids are going to get into trouble with drink and drugs.  One top model, I knew was going to make it and now she can barely stand up at a shoot. Nothing has changed in the modeling world. It’s still full of creeps; no one’s going to say a word until it’s too late. They didn’t have Jordon’s back; they threw him under the bus.

Keep your head on straight Jordan; you’re a beautiful kid, you need to grow up. You should apologize to this reporter, send a gift basket.

Taking a swipe? Kirk also questioned why so much attention was being given to Jordan (right), despite his less-than-positive reputation


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