Not so sure Charles has “serious health issues”~ anon

I’m not so sure Charles has “serious health issues.” Yes, he has “sausage fingers” but, he’s always had sausage fingers…even as a young man. They are just more noticeable now as he ages. And Philip, well he is getting up there. There is longevity in this family. Charle’s grandfather passed in his fifties, but he was a chain smoker.
I agree with you; he is a very active man. Charles can do manual labor; he loves it! The best healthcare in the land. I do worry about the color, but he is getting banged up in the garden improving the world. Charles was a polo player for years; he is not a wimpy guy.
Could he drop a few pounds? Everyone can at that age. Prince Charles is going to be just fine, Charles will make excellent King, he knows and understand his duty and can differentiate between Prince and Sovereign.
Thank you anon, I appreciate your ask  🌸🌸😎

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