yeah I agree the kid was a definite pr set up and resulted in a story in her US media. The gift bag contained a story book and the media people knew what story it was and did a whole thing bout how Harry and Megs would read that particular book to their child. So definite setup.

I love MTW’s site and I enjoy reading the tarot sites too. But something annoys me – the constant calling of people who think coercion was involved as “tinhats”. They believe what tarot cards tell them but we are tinhats? We have been on here collecting evidence on this narc Meghan since the very beginning but we are tinhats cause we believed sources and the evidence? C’mon I can find the tarot readers have some insight and respect them why do they feel the need to disparage us?

I understand where you are coming from. I really do. But what we always said to people is that they can believe what they want, and who they want. We would never force what we think down their throats. I find the tarot readings pretty neat, and some of them have saw certain things and it came to be. I dont have to follow them religiously, but i respect what they do. If they want to call non meghan worshippers tinhats then let them. ill tell them that i want a blue tinhat with some silver. gotta make it festive right?

I believe what i believe. You believe what you believe. Don’t let anyone try to steer you different.