Nutmeg is a Wonder Anon

nutmeg is a wonder indeed. alleged geriatric pregnancy w reports unable to conceive w ph unable to father due to childhood injury?miracle of ivf 1st time? able to fly extensive hours without clots, enter zika lands without risks that mere mortals r subject to. can drink, botox, chemical treat hair too. what is next walk on water? 5 staff apartments will be axed so she can live w fantasy at frogmoore house but really at cottage. how many homes has she been given per her pr? lost count.

This time last year she was given apartment 1 at KP but as we can all see that was untrue. I think they were also given York Cottage at one point. If she is truly doing all of this while pregnant it just reaffirms by previous post (Zika post on that she cares nothing for the health of this child. She is so egotistical that she believes nothing can happen to her because of who she is. I am so curious as to how the next few weeks will go now that it has been made clear they are being punished. I’m sure her PR will do their best to spin this in a positive manner but at this point they have told so many lies no one believes the click bait anymore.
Thank you Anon!
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Nutmeg is a Wonder Anon


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