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Tantrums, Demands & New Rules! ‘Fire-Breathing’ Meghan

Markle Rips Royals Apart

‘Lovestruck’ Prince Harry’s ‘firmly under her thumb.’

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Prince Harry’s pregnant wifeMeghan., has gone from blushing bride to draconian duchess in the six months since their lavish, star-studded wedding — and her bossy behavior and terrible tantrums are tearing Britain’s royal family apart!

“Meghan was expected to be a breath of fresh air, but she’s turned into a fire-breathing dragon.!” a palace source told RadarOnline.com. “She’s ripping up the royal rule and rewriting her role like she’s the star and her position is a part in a Hollywood movie.”

“What’s worse, she’s got Harry so firmly under her thumb, he’s told staffers, ‘Whatever Meghan wants, Meghan gets!’” continued the source. “She also insists Harry spend more time with her celebrity friends than with his old military buddies.”

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“Harry’s lovestruck, so he goes along. But you can tell even he is getting exasperated with the way she’s steamrolled over his life,” added the source.

The former Suits star raised eyebrows when she walked down the aisle with Harry, 34, in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in May, simply by being a divorcée — and American.

Queen Elizabeth wanted nothing but happiness for her beloved grandson, so she reluctantly welcomed Meghan into the family,” said the source. “But ever since, Meghan has done nothing but thumb her nose at the royals and their hallowed traditions. She insists on doing things her way.”

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The newly minted Duchess of Sussex, 37, is out of bed by 5 a.m., blasting staffers with outrageous demands, insiders claimed.

“She orders gourmet breakfast for her dogs and snaps at servants if they don’t move fast enough,” the source said. “She also causes security problems by suddenly going on ‘undercover’ missions to meet ‘everyday folks. She clearly wants to position herself as the new Princess Diana. But she’s anything but a friend of regular people.”

One insider dished Meghan has threatened her aides by saying she’s scored the biggest role of her life and they had better not tarnish her carefully crafted image

“She only trusts her own ‘advisers’ — a group of close friends. and showbiz pals — and ignores the suggestions of experienced palace staffers. It’s led to several longtime, high-ranking aides ‘moving on,’” said the insider.

Monster Meghan has even driven a wedge between Harry and his brother, Prince William, 36.

The siblings have shockingly decided to officially split their joint royal household into separate entities.

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“Meghan demanded the breakup,” said the insider. “She also demanded she and Harry not move into a lavish 21-room apartment at Kensington Palace as William and wife Kate’s neighbors.”

“The truth is, Meghan wants to be as far removed from Kate as possible. She doesn’t want to invite any comparisons between them — especially now that Meghan is giving birth for the first time in the spring.”


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