Hey, JD,

Tell me if this doesn’t sound like “Pulling a Markle PR” move.

You have been conversing with someone who knows a little about the media. You might say you are virtual friends. In talking to people, they bring up that you know this media person, and then proceed to say some unflattering things about them to you. You try to change the subject, ignoring that they wanted to converse with you because you might spill tea on to them on something your media friend has said to you.

It’s becoming apparent that they are really not interested in you as a friend, but they want INFO. INFO on this and that so that they can feed their frenzy, their friends, their fantasies. You pick up on this and feed them some junk to see where their head is at. They bite, take it back to their nest, then turn on you when you shut down their conversation.

You knew they were running 2 chats at once; one to you, the other to their toxic friend. Then, they bring this back up via screenshots to the media person behind your back since you no longer speak. What do you do with toxic people like that? Ignore them, expose them or pray for them, make signs and hold a parade down Constitution Avenue in DC? Doesn’t this sound like something MegSnot would pull?


Wow! What dilemma the person would be in.  It’s really sad that someone would do that to another person, and over what? If you take this situation too serious it’s time to go get some sleep and leave people alone.

What to do, pray for them, don’t talk to them again, they came to the person with ill intent. These people are most likely jealous.

People be nice to one another, don’t be mean. I would like a good parade though.

Thank you, Turtle 


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  1. Thanks, JD! Let me work on getting some hot air for them parade balloons! And PS I prayed for everyone to be good little sugars since Santa’s coming to town! He knows when you’ve been markle or good! So be good for JD’S sake! You better not pout, you better not cry!

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