How it gets Paid

I’m not sure of course. The “helpers” say the RF is not paying for anything. Certainly she pays for it with her merching money but Harry may also have paid for some. There was clearly a time when NBC/Suits paid. Lots of rumors she is heavily in debt so she may also have borrowed money from friends etc. She also used pr friends who did some stuff for her as a favor for awhile. It would be in Harry’s interest if he wants her to go to pay for some as the pr is what gets her the merching contracts and if she makes enough money she would go. Or he may have felt an obligation to her so he paid some. But I am reasonably sure the RF nor KP is not paying any of her bills. They are not paying for her clothes for certain she is getting freebies loaners merch. Given how much she has merched she has probably made a lot merching but the pr is very expensive too so I am guessing she does have debts.


Of course she does. And she keeps playing around with the BRF she gonna end up homeless. We all picked the merching up from the gate. I tell you man the girl has got balls of steel .