Ko anon ~ The PR Bills ~ This farce has to stop now! ✨✨✨✨

Hi JD, Vin, Ko again.
My last query, for now, I promise you. 🙂 I have been wondering about her PR bills too. One explanation is that they are paid out of the money allocated to PH by PC. Is that what you were referring to when you wrote “I think that KP has paid her PR bill” in your previous reply? But then, I also think that by doing so, KP/PC is paying for all the negative reports on PW, KM, etc. Is it not wiser to end her PR overkill by not giving the cash for it in the first place?
Firstly, sorry I couldn’t complete your anon last night, my hands were shot.
The dreaded PR bill, there was a blind a while back, that said the bill was snuck in with the other bills. Did they catch on? We try to report as much as possible to give the Royal courtiers the heads up.  We can’t make them listen as you know this abomination happened and we were told to be patient they know what they are doing.
Tumblr team, Team Twitter and anons from around the world try to help and warn them, all we wanted was honesty. We have given two years of loyalty.
What you are saying is a strong possibility that MM has used the Royal purse to bash them.
It’s up to everyone to believe what you want; the backer story is a bunch of nonsense to keep everyone loyally fighting for the crown.  That’s okay; I was willing to help them do that, I still believe in them.
When you see homelessness and food banks, health services stretched beyond capacity; these spoilt brats want their bleeding privacy and house meant for staff at Windsor. An Obvious fake pregnancy.  Jetsetting!  The bashing of a Future King and Queen, I have to draw the line and Say, Oh Hell No! I didn’t signup for this.
I think about the time that these two pay the piper!   William must command Harry and MM to cease and desist or get out!  I’m serious.
As a Royal watcher all these years I have never seen the disrespect to HM in all my years.
Please feel free to comment and have a discussion about this under this post. Use your freedom of speech.
Thank you, KO 🌸🌸😎 JD and Vin


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  1. Great points. Extra money for their cottage life. When NC was PLENTY big for 2 people and an extra pillow or two. I will bet if she had her way, she would have gone to Africa, then to India for Priyanka and Joe’s wedding. Partying all the way, too.

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