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Hi JD, Ko again. Thanks for posting my ask on surrogacy. Just want to clarify that I have not ruled out that option as MM’s dangerous cunning knows no limit and I do not put anything past her. Meanwhile, will the announced shift to Frogmore help reduce PH’s tax liabilities in the US? And wrt tax, what is the status of items in kind (jewelry, clothes, etc. and so no cash transactions) shipped via JM and difficult to track online? Any info on tax liabilities of the 75 K dress, Birks, etc.? Tks.
Absolutely, Yes!  Anything they receive from Prince Charles is considered taxable for  MM, not Harry. They may have received wedding presents that have value. If Harry gifts her items say Cartier Bracelets there is a gift tax that must be paid to two countries. It’s getting really complicated, real fast.  The rent that’s paid for them is considered income if they pay her tax burden, it’s income. Security, OMG 🙀
There is the blind that says that they billed Prince Charles and split the difference. That is allegedly in a joint account in Toronto. That’s about a half a million; they charge this man full price. MM should go to jail for that one.
My birdies told me she is flat broke, and Harry can’t afford a sandwich. If MM doesn’t get out there to merch, there won’t be any money coming to pay for PR.  This is my feeling; I think that KP has paid her PR bill and heads are about to roll.
Thank you, KO 🌸🌸😎


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      1. The Royal family aren’t subject to such a treaty, unless they choose to be. The US authorities will get access to her money, tax records etc, but not to harry’s and not to Charles’.

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