Anon I’m so sorry

Some of the timeline posts are missing. I did include Wimbledon 2016 sat near cress too watching her.
Def finessed invite to dinner Corey made for pm and ph. 2017 crash wedding, polo, ig. Seat jump at Canada ig 2017 look crazed drew attn to self-stood when no one else did to b seen.
Tig posts even conflict time, travel in Europe w girls. Not in Africa at time claims.
This gives a limit to how much can post now scrambled, missing some posts. the timeline was accurate Corey force tell cheat 9/16 then move out
Everything was posted as it came in, tumblr eats posts.  I was out doing personal business today; I apologize for the wait.
What you wrote is accurate. MM never went to Africa with Harry, she was on a perpetual Mediterranean holiday, then a wedding.
I agree with the Toronto dinner, Corey leaving in September while she was seeing both of them.  I agree with all of it.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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