Calm down anon

If she is pregnant I tell you JD Harry is scum. He is responsible for this child’s health too and both of them have been reckless and irresponsible re: this baby’s health. Drinking in Amsterdam smoking pot going into a zika zone. That is very disappointing if she is pregnant and such risks were taken they both are reprehensible people. The child would suffer if ill consequences occur. It is shameful to think he would be so careless with another life he has a responsibility for.
Calm down anon, didn’t both parties put out statements they were not pregnant didn’t have any intention of getting pregnant at this time?
How many women did bellies go up and down?  just one Z-lister who needed more PR then she deserved.
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Harry often looks depressed and sad

It is true that Harry often looks depressed and sad and even in anguish throughout the tour especially the last two days, but there could be a few reasons for that. This split office thing could be a bad sign of Harry committing to MM and betraying his family, or it could be nothing. However, he may look so depressed, etc. because the split is unnerving for him. I just do not know this beautiful wife thing threw me. Then enty is going to talk about a wife of a UK Prince and her prostitution. Great
Sometimes, not all the time, the picture I’ve shown he doesn’t, high-speed cameras capture people by the nanosecond.  Harry doesn’t look like botoxic with her perpetual frozen smile.  It’s really hard to tell. The message received from Admiralty House was unbelievable!  Is Harry enabling her? I guess time will tell and by the way that wasn’t put out by William.
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MM not going down without a fight

Skippy’s helpers seem to be back and giving the end is coming be patient etc messages. We have confusing stuff in the pr dept attacks on Kate and Will in US media ad MM is diana and harry kept her away from her family in her UK media. But then we have harry telling a vulnerable little boy who lost his mother “don’t worry everything will be fine I have a beautiful wife and a baby on the way” WTH is wrong with him if he lied to the kid he is crap and if he believes that he is mentally retarded
OMG, they are being bamboozled, something is happening her PR is trucking along and no end in sight. Who is going to slow that manic locomotive? Harry has too! Doesn’t matter if she is gaslighting away, people are not going to find the subtle passive PR, they are going right for the drama. MM going to hit hard, they just published we don’t think she is pregnant.  I’m ready, are you ready, for Royal Rumble?
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he has to go too ~ anon

Wow!!! That’s stunning to see it in print. The RF is going to have to respond to this. Well, I know they won’t respond. But they have to act quickly. They must separate not just William from Harry and MM but they have to totally cut Harry off from her too. My God, she’s going to destroy the RF. I know the protective love you have in your heart for him, JD, but they can’t let this go on. If he won’t give her up, he has to go too.
I’ve been playing hardball if you’ve been on my blog, and by the way, I’m on  that’s my own website hosted by WordPress, you can do anon there I will never know who you are. I can’t trace the IP. I’m looking for everyone opinions. Just don’t get mouthy with me.  Deal?
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JD you might get some new traffic cause of that DM article

JD you might get some new traffic cause of that DM article, so maybe a catch-up post here. To newbies: she is bat shyte crazy, is not pregnant, is a pathological liar most of her so-called life story is a lie, and she and her father are in this together along with Momma Doria. It is a massive scam. She wants a lot of money she ain’t going to get. Short summary. Oh, and she is no humanitarian or feminist. She is barely human.
Maybe they will; I will be grateful, everyone should start a book at the beginning to understand it. See the journey we have been on; it is a drama that seems like it will never end. If you put it, in summary, they will never believe it.
That’s the problem, see we do need the press.  Since the Press have the information and more, they have to be the ones to drop it.  It’s not just me; it’s all of us collectively that went on the roller coaster to save Prince Harry, now we wait as we always do.  I do understand I was the first to dig around and starts reporting on the blogs and the daily mail, I’ve dedicated two years of my life to it.
Harry meant so much to so many he has no idea how many people were inspired by the Invictus games.  People who had challenges at home, people in wheelchairs, people with depression. I’ve talk talked to many privately, and through anon, it was tears of Joys that I experienced hearing people overcoming or at least coping with serious life threating illnesses. Is he a myth? Is he the Harry we love or a PR creation as some would want us to believe? It’s up to all of you to decide and respect one another decisions.
Who is going to make the next move? It looks like Markle is up to bat with the Markle’s.
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As the Markle Turns

and the predictable happens again.  What a surprise.  Did you know JD that mean Harry did not promise the pathological liar known as Meghan Markle that she would not have to abandon her family when she married him?  The intimation being of course that Meghan’s separation from her beloved Papa is all the RF’s fault.  Of course, we know MeAgain never separated from her father and he has been 100% part of her pr campaign.  So now the list of complaints for the divorce starts – Harry separated me from my Papa.  Cue tearful reunion in 1…2…3….

You know the Megha gets what Meghan wants in the Jobson book makes sense now.  If Meghan wanted Papa Harry would have given in to her so how can she claim he separated her from Papa?

Isn’t that cozy! We have been saying all along they are all in it. A private message to me was the world reality show. Is she going for that? From what I hear LA is all dried up and that’s it is not the Royals fault. Per Enty never had a chance in Hollywood anyway, Europe for a rich man. What does she have up her sleeve now? Zero prospects, marriage contracts say no money, leave with the what she came with. What the hell else is there? The only thing left is speaking engagements, they command a lot of money.

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