Love says: Good Strategy💖💖 DINO!

Love here. A good strategy here if they had released the bridezilla stories before the wedding they would have been overlooked. So save it for now especially since they got the nice gift of Meghan driving a staff person to quit because of MM’s abusiveness. And face it an adult female who is a stranger chastising a 3 yr old? I’d rip her head off if that were my child. Talk to me, not the child. But then again MM is not exactly maternal the Suits staff said she didn’t like kids.

So what comes next? I’d think this should open the door to the real dirt on Megsy the Duchess in Name Only. DINO. Reputedly what the staff calls her. LOL. Time to release the Kraken!

Hey!  Love💖💖, you’re so right, this is why timing is everything.  Yes, I ‘ve been on the receiving end of mom, the kid was about to be bitten by a rotti-mastiff.  We apologized later but at a kid at a fitting?! What the hell! That meant MM was yelling at a pregnant woman or at least Kate just delivered. No wonder why we got Kate has the postpartum-depression article.  Wow, she really is the Cee U Next Tuesday.

I agree they have to make sure she stays gone and won’t talk, ever.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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