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We all love the British Royal family, 1200 year institution we admire, trust and want to see them thrive. Prince Harry has brought this person into their fold, this is not sitting well with us, as she is her Royal Chronic Thirsty Fakeness.

Over the past two years

Over the past two years, we have exposed her naughty past, her ambitions to step on people to climb to her next level to achieve being a household name.  It’s not even about acting; she is too lazy to take it seriously.  Even the best stars have coaches; they are true artisans capturing the imagination of their audiences. Has Meghan Markle? No, she managed to piss me off dropping towels and giving simulated sex.

My husband and I were Fringe fans; he reminded me what I said back then.  Our thought, she was good but, I said, Oops, Jessup is going to get fired,  there is no way Anna Torv is going to let her stay. MM, I thought she was coming across as the lead.  The next episode she was encased in amber gone, I wonder if there anyone out there has any insight as to why her character got axed?

Gina Cowne from Kruger and Cowne, PR agency is telling the world, Hey she’ll go back to Hollywood and make movies!  Please, GO!  Don’t threaten us with a good time already!  Just go! That’s right the Meg; we don’t appreciate you and all the bullcrap you’ve caused.  Go back to LA, and maybe doors have opened for you now. 🙄

When I write a book about this, I’ll talk someone else writes, okay, I’ll let Meg 🦈 play herself… nah, I want it to be successful.  😂


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