You scared me Anon

No, I’m not MM, JD. It’s not harry’s pangs of conscience I wrote of, and it’s Charles’. I think he indulges Harry because he (Charles) feels somewhat responsible for Diana finding herself unprotected by the palace and because if they’d stayed married Harry would have grown up with more inner security and happiness. I know it wasn’t Charles’ fault they didn’t stay married, stuff happens. But I think because of the disintegration of his marriage, Charles gives in more than he should to Harry.
OMG, I’m so sorry, you are giving your opinion on what Charles might do, PHEW!😳 LOL, I think that ship has sailed, it’s reached the end of the proverbial world and is about to fall off into oblivion for the Meg🦈 Markle.  I swear to GOD🙌🏼
 The Megs🦈 has pushed the wrong buttons and acted like Attila the MEG🦈, we have tipsters saying down to the gardener, thinks she overbearing windbag that thinks being Royal is to treat people like shite!  No, poopy head 💩it’s the exact opposite.

Anon, I know what you are saying now

Anon, I get what you’re saying now, that may have happened when Harry told them he was getting engaged.  Harry may have used that excuse because the Meg🦈 used it on him to get the statement.
That’s where I got scared she going to pull this crap again.  MM did receive support from the Palace and staff; they were there to advise her. The Meg🦈 used her best Narc skills to do it her way because in her mind she was right and now she doesn’t get her way, everyone,  is a racist. No, the Meg🦈 you are sick and need serious help.
BP is running this show; we were unsuccessful at making her leave. We did this voluntarily, without receiving a single penny from Public relation agencies or Royal support.  This adventure has cost us quite a bit.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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