Latte! Does she need to get out of the country?

I agree with all you said in reply to my ” What if ” post. Am trying to find an explanation that makes sense. If she is not pregnant and is wearing a fake bump. . With medical privacy laws being what they are, I could see how the BRF or PH for that matter not being able to force her to prove pregnancy. And with the child not being born yet it technically does not belong to the ” Crown” ? a fake pregnancy would not be that difficult to pull off if she can get out of the country to miscarry?
Now, I believe with you, I think there is something to Canada rumors of her needing to bolt,  this sort of thing has a time limit to it.  They way she looks tonight would be a funeral if we were to believe it true.  Nobody is buying it and the press is not letting her off the hook.
The pressure is on for Megatron and they alien bump!
Thank you Latte 🌸🌸😎


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