Meghan doesn’t have enough money to leave, maybe we should start a go fund me to GTFO

Of course, she can leave if she wants. She would have to pay for it, and I doubt she has any money. She should have made a ton of money merching, but I suspect she had to pay out most of that to her crazy pr firms and whatever is left might be being held by Jess, so it is not yet in her bank account. I still don’t think it would be enough for her to live on at least not for very long. She would need at least 40K/month, not including security. I don’t know what the royal provide security wise for former spouses. My guess is nothing unless there are minor children.

One of the reasons Jackie Kennedy married Onassis is because she felt he could protect her. That meant security as well as a cushy life.


I agree with this statement; she will get nothing.Β  I think that’s why she wants to get to Toronto to get some off of Jess. What about her visa?Β  She not working in Canada, the reason for the visit? Political asylum?Β  😹

thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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