Doria At Sandringham ??? Christmas Dirt Bomb ??

Doria is coming to Sandringham for Christmas. Prepare for sugary articles and ones trashing the Cambridge afterward but don’t fall for it. It is all damage control for what is to come before the Christmas walk. -Christy
Hello Christy!
I don’t know about that,  I’ve been told she is not invited, that  MM needled Harry for the invite and the courtiers said No.
They need to build a bigger church; We’re going to too.  That’s right! jerseydeanne & Vintage is going on the Christmas walk to church! What do you think of them apples?
Yep, then afterward and I will sing praises to the Cambridge’s and family.
Why would she do that to her mother?  That’s dumb; you make this woman fly all that way over there to go for a walk with people she doesn’t know and has to leave?   I know Markles is not playing with a full deck but come on how frigging rude can she be?  This will make people hate her even more.
I love these predictions, feel to come to forum and state opinions, everyone is welcome to join in.  If you are a member, you start your own thread.
Thank you, Christy, for the heads up🌸🌸😎


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  1. I think it is fantastic you are going on the Christmas walk. We want to hear all the details. LOL

    1. We are thrilled, going to get our best hats out, union jack flags to wave. Meeting Felix at tea time to slam down some pints in London. Oh, by the way, Vintage has union jack skinny trousers, no lie. She is going to kill me with laughter!

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