Home births in the RF

Until Diana and Fergie, all royal births were home births. Edward was born in the bathtub with Philip present! So this is idiocy and displays ignorance about royal birthing practices. Besides which Megsy is ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE and as such is having a high-risk pregnancy so for the sake of the child a hospital birth would be best.


Correct! You’re spot on; it tells me she has something to hide.  Witnesses must be there! Too bad, that’s what she has to deal with. You can’t pop a Vicoden and say let’s do this thing.  Markle doesn’t appear to me as the type to handle pain very well; these aren’t period cramps for Pete’s sake!

MM is trying to hide that she may be using a surrogate if she found one.  The problem is trying to get that past the courtiers who work for the Queen.  Good Luck with that one, lol

Meghan Markle could ruin a church picnic!  Giving birth is a joyous occasion for Royalty and the world.

All in good fun  HM, we love you!

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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