L.A. ! Hey Meg! You’re not cashing in, Damn! that’s got to hurt! 💋✨✨✨✨

I hope smeg’s realizes her fate from not receiving millions once she reads the settlement of the Luxembourg prince and ex-wife. About $10000 per year in support is barely groceries w two boys to raise. Hmmm, no cash just like ph who lives off pc allowance that does not mean mm is entitled to get. Prince Harry pension is about 40000 annually, and his trusts are untouchable! Probably why wants ‘birth’ in Calif. the law does not apply to UK citizens. Lol. Highly doubt interest fr trust count. Lol. L.A.
The bad news theMeg 🦈, no money for you!  MM get comfortable they aren’t letting you go anywhere If you’re genuinely pregnant.  if you leave the country, I know that you’re lying!   Very trusted anon!
Thank you, LA! 💋💋


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