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Meghan Markle is desperate to deliver her baby using hypno-birthing methods, in order to think and breathe her way out of the pain! The mom-to-be has been taking classes in the popular technique at the yoga center she secretly visits in London — and Prince Harry has even been talked into attending a session to familiarize himself with the methods! “Meghan is fixated on making the birth as natural as possibleso she can boast to her L.A. pals she went drug-free,” a palace source spilled to The National ENQUIREROpens a New Window.. However, the Duchess of Sussex has been warned her hippie-style birthing plan may be overruled by royal protocolRead on for details of the

Duchess’s latest dust-up with the traditionalists, and click here for more royal gossip….




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  1. I thought majority thought she wasn’t pregnant. So why does Harry have to go to these classes? And what is she going to say to her Hollywood friends? “I took these crazy classes and it was like not even having a baby”. I just keep getting confused

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