Eden Confidential ~ the Jaguar is back!



If you read this article literally, it says:

“They are due to take delivery imminently at their home in Toronto, Canada, of a Jaguar I-Pace.”

It does not say who the car is for.

“A spokesman for the Mulroneys tells me: ‘They have not agreed to formally accept a Jaguar i-Pace at this time.’ A Jaguar spokesman adds: ‘We wouldn’t comment on details of any customers.’

And underneath a photo of the model Jaguar is this:

“The Jaguar I-Pace is set to be delivered to the couple’s home in Toronto, Canada.”

JD, it doesn’t state the recipient of the car. I read it as they’re having a Jaguar delivered to their home. My gut is telling me this is a car for MM and she’s had one delivered to Canada instead of the UK.

And the article in express.co.uk states:

“Jaguar is known to supply cars to the Royal Family.” I believe the writer is TELLING US who the recipient is.

And I’m sure the gifting (and delivery location) DID raise eyebrows at Jaguar.

I’m so sure in my bones this car is meant for MM.

One of the first things NYC taught me is to look at who is responsible for the article. The first place to look is the first paragraph or sentence. 

Crowds of thousands Down Under have seen how just much the Duchess of Sussex enjoys performing her royal role

Duchess of Sussex is in bold when you click on that it goes to all her articles, but it’s Richard Eden Confidential.

When we heard about it, Jess Mulroney had accepted and then Ben denied it.  Now, it’s back in the news.

 There were a bunch of anons at the time that speculated that was a payoff to Mulroney’s because they didn’t get the exclusive pregnancy outing.  Some went a step further and said it was Harry telling Jess about MM scam.  Paying her off with a Jag. Nothing was confirmed. 

Rinse, lather and repeat again! 

Only this time, it’s for MM when she goes back to Toronto. 

Take it with a grain of salt, unless you see it.  I know it seems really strange, put this one on the back burner for now.  When it happens we can pull this post out and say Ha HA! 

Keep up the great work! Don’t stop looking. 

Thank you Gumtree 🎄🎁🕎


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