Going out for 4 months is a DEFINITE contract agreement

Disagree with the anon who thinks a four months relationship = infatuation, rush to marriage. No, it means Priyanka and Jonas were both looking for a contract “marriage,” came to an agreement for a wedding privately with their attorneys and PR, and only after the marriage was privately contracted/signed did they announce they were “dating.” Then “engaged.” Then “wedding.” Bam bam bam – why wait. Does anyone honestly think that a wedding only took a few months to plan? The gowns, the scheduling? They were heavy into the planning and logistics privately with the lawyers and reps and sponsors before we even knew Priyanka and Jonas knew each other. Once everything was sorted/scheduled in accordance with their busy calendars, they announced they were dating. If they were really dating, they’d still be working out a time to marry where everyone could attend, that didn’t conflict with everybody’s schedules. This was all done WELL before we knew they were “dating.”


Bam!Β  This I believe that was to over the top for a throw together. Do you know who the PR is for this? I knew something was shady. It does smell of Hollywood, how long do you suspect this is contracted for?Β  Thank you anon