You Can’t Possibly Still Believe This

Meg’s baby bump seen tonight is just a distraction. The article clearly stated that the event included alot of friends from Harry’s inner circle that he has distanced himself from since marrying Meg. With that being said do we really believe they would’ve called her up to do an reading to remember a friend of Harry’s that she never knew in front of Harry’s friends whom all have seemingly distanced themselves from for various reasons as noted in both articles and blinds? I don’t think so. Meg has a habit of forcing her way into people’s inner circles and so I believe this is the work of her PR trying to make us believe Meg has suddenly been “accepted”. The truth is quite the opposite.

Now with this case. Meg is connected in that she has damaging info on a member of the RF connected to all of this….so the RF was smart in that they allowed her into the fold to keep her silent….it’s easier to control her within their inner circle than outside of it. Now the tides turned on Meg almost 2 weeks ago which means the powers that be were already aware of how this case would turn out. Now whatever info she has holds no weight because of what happened today…so if she releases it no one will believe her…..she’s so dumb! On top of that now she’s stuck…she’s the property of the RF. Now lets see what happens in coming days.

This didn’t happen because they were afraid of the info she had….it was just the easiest way to keep her quiet. And she fell for it!


Hi anon.  Felix here answering your post on JD’s awesome site.  I don’t know about the baby bump but I will clearly state to you that if Harry or the BRF didn’t want MM in the fold she wouldn’t be there at all.  We all know the power HM has in the UK and if they had an issue with MM she could of easily canceled her visa every time she flew over to the UK. But as you see nothing like this ever happened and she is in the fold as Harry decided to make her his wife.  Plain and simple. No coercion and no blackmail.

Harry is pissed off with the media as they keep on portraying MM as his mother but can’t do anything about it as if he cries out the media will attack him as MM did an interview with vanity Fair after the statement Harry published for privacy in November 2016.

Now regarding Harry and his inner circle of friends just because there are no pics of them hanging out it doesn’t mean that they still don’t catch up and aren’t still friends.

Have a great day anon and don’t let Harry fool you with his media games..

love felix😊🙏❤️👍