So Amal Clooney former never heard of the woman and junior lawyer got the global citizen of the year award from the UN. An evening of self-promotion which must have cost George a bundle. But it strikes me watching the excess and phoniness of it al (what exactly did she do this year?) is that the Clooneys are of course Meghan’s dream couple. She is even faker than them. Amal did not even try to pretend she was pregnant. No baby bumps for her.

They kill me; they wanted the mass immigration from Africa as long as is wasn’t close to their home.  Anyway wasn’t this originally supposed to be about Syria?  okay, another time. 

I thought George was cool not so much anymore. I can’t imagine Amal out in Africa without bespoke.  So they ever show those kids? 

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🎄🎁🕎


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