Baby buying

Anything is possible with this woman. Just a side note – both parents have to have the red headed gene and there are actually two genes for red hair. One is the red gene and one is the shade. Plus the gene is not just hair color it affects other things. This baby won’t look anything like Harry his hair color eye color skin tone are all recessive genes. Makes it easier for her to buy a baby.
Anyway back to baby buying. It seems she is not allowed to leave the UK and this may be why. She either has to miscarry or find a baby someplace. God what a mess Harry got himself, his family and the Monarchy into. Hard to forgive. And whatever is going on with this pregnancy Harry agreed to it which does not reflect well on his sanity or intelligence or ethics. And he is responsible for the health of this child too and he allows her to go into zika zones, drink and be stoned so both of them are criminally irresponsible and reckless with the health of this child assuming she is pregnant. That is simply unforgiveable. Either way you look at this he is supporting a fake pregnancy or he supports reckless callous disregard for the child’s health. Neither is good. And the RF is going along with it too. Reluctantly it seems but still maintaining the pretense. Absolutely despicable.
What exactly do the Windsors stand for?


TBH… I wish I knew. I’m beginning to feel that this is getting a little dangerous for my liking.



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