Dawned on me

Dear all.

Several things just dawned on me… I saw a photo of Amal and her twins and… Snap….. Surrogate! I’ve always felt MM and PH would use/is using a surrogate… Do you suppose she’s using the same one Amal used hence the “Clooney” visit this summer… Fits the timing. While I have no problem with surrogacy, it seems the BRF does. No wonder she wants out of the country and doesn’t want to be examined by the BRF’s OBs. I just know she wants to pull one over on us. That’s why she’s so smug.
She knows she’s pulling a fast one. Yes, she’s not pregnant, but yes she’ll end up with a child. I have another thought on why she doesn’t want to be examined by the BRF’s medical team… But I don’t want to give her any ideas, so I’ll have to keep that one too myself (for now)!

They will know any past procedure or pregnancy when they do examine her.Β  Megs is following a schedule that’s been planned out before she met the Clooney’s.Β  Having surrogacy in the UK is illegal.Β  She is a nutter; the Queen is kicking her ass.Β 

Thank you anon, πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽπŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ•Ž

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