It’s L.A. MM political aspirations, No way Jose Cuervo🍸

1st I LOVE Michelle Obama for refusing to be used for PR on MM behalf. Dang MM, ego is so over inflated she weaseled her way into the private area to get to a former 1st lady!! This is BS MM’s ‘presidential’ ambitions is hilarious!! She cannot make it in Hollywood or with British populous, what makes her think Americans would choose her to rep our ppl? A narc with delusional political aspirations lol. We have enough liars, thieves in politics one more like her no way. Happy weekend everyone! L.A.

Just like JA wedding, polo, No isn’t in her vocabulary. I doubt highly she could make it to a local level.   Real people vote and opponents come to win. 

Thank LA, have fun 🌸🌸😎🍸🍸

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