Succubus for President!

I welcome the idea that Rachel Meghan Markle (666) try and run for politics in the U.S. It is notoriously a dirty game… no gloves, no RF protection, something called the 1st Amendment… let it all see the light of day. I’d love for this idiot to attempt a debate. I think the race card has totally dried up… who still thinks any issues she has is because she’s half black?? The list of her character flaws is humungous.

They are huge!  What is her rebuttal? Jealous, bitter, salty tears, I’m a double major! I’m beautiful, intelligent, educated! You will like me God🤬it!  I’ll send my paid trolls and hacker after your dumb 🤬. 

Thank you anon, 🌸🌸😎🎄🎁🕎

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