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Quite n article from Emily Andrews who we all know to be the world’s biggest MM sugar so of course, we suspect this article is written in cahoots with MM. Especially since we get embedded in the article this gem about MM having a higher IQ than the entire royal family.

But I think not – in fact, I think this is a pretty good sign MM’s days are numbered. Note the headline “Harry went Mental.” Who looks good when you read this and who looks bad? Will looks good he urged caution and to wait until Harry had gotten to know Meghan. Very wise and kingly. Kate is accused of not supporting MM, but she was in the last months of pregnancy and has two kids already so had little time for Meghan. Who after all claimed she knew everything and was ready to hit the ground running.

Who looks bad? Meghan has caused a bitter division between the two brothers. That never counts in your favor. And the statement she is smarter than everyone else will not go over well either. American actress smarter than the entire British royal family? Not exactly humble now is it? And mental Harry – he is described as “unreasonable” in the article. Not a good look either. What Meghan wants Meghan gets has not worked in Harry’s favor.

So I think this article is the worm turning. And I think we can clearly see a pr strategy here. Harry we know is going to take a hit, and it appears the hit he will take is that he blindly supported Meghan. But he has an excuse his famous “Mummy” issues. So we can’t be too hard on him. And after all Harry’s public know he is not too bright, is stubborn makes bad decisions, etc. So poor sod projected his mummy issues on to Meghan and decided to fight for her at all costs. Therapy is needed clearly, but he can be forgiven.

So see – this may not be what you first thought it was. EA is no fool she is not supporting an obviously on her way out Markle against the future King. I think we are getting to the end.

By the way, it is also going to be hard for Meghan in the divorce to attack Harry who after all gave her whatever she wanted.

Thank you very much anon for breaking that down for us, I believe it will help a lot of people. πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽπŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ•Ž

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  1. Anyone would think Harry was the only one who lost his Mum … what about William?????

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