The Sun ~ Lauren Hill-Rodgers Superfans ~ My take on this

Finally, It warrants an investigation into this, both sides of the aisle are being duped and for what ends?

The Anti Meggers were told a series of conversations, I can tell you it’s not true, fan fiction. You guys are happy to blog even though the messages are given with a warning; it’s to be taken with a grain of salt.  These people know you’re hungry for information.  They figured a way to shut you down one by one.

RULE #1 Nobody knows what the Queen says, someone tells you that, RUN

RULE #2 How can a person get a verbatim conversation between two people?  You can’t

#3 That porn pic you guys have with some guy fingers in her mouth, that’s not MM, it was thoroughly investigated. That person is a porn actress, not MM.

There is a Tweeter that has gone after bloggers, tweeters with her mad hacker skills and that’s the Camelot girl. I have her IP, she redirected this site to hers.  We caught and blocked her, put on two authentications.  Camelot had the onions to send me a message that went to my spam account.  She is from England, she checks on my posts daily.  Her name is Alia, she told me that’s not her real name.

Now for the conspiracy theories 

The Russians, you bet! I blocked, they followed me one after another. I spoke to one, they said they were hired by Prince Charles and he wants me to shut down, that’s BS.

They attacked me often and told me to kill myself, slit my wrist vertical and threaten to go after my family. I have threat after threat documented on this blog.

We know that MM PR is Sunshine Sachs they are big-time political PR, they know how to do nasty. It’s called black PR, unregulated and the Gov won’t change the rules when they need to fight dirty. A Publicist is a trained writer, they make the copy and send it to media outlets. That’s how you get news, the fake news you keep hearing.

Branding, you hear that word a lot, PR control the herd, that’s you and me on Social Media.  IMO they are selling their client MM as a household name, with her blessing. Something is not right with all of this.

I think this has something to do with Brexit.  I know, conspiracy theory, right?  Trump won’t win the election even though he was 60 points down.  Weirder stuff has happened.

Let’s all be fair!  trolls don’t give them “you’re the on-air,” #NoAir

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